royally infected.


I do not think so, that is quite a lot of effort for me to put forth into something I really have no interest in, y’know?

However the offer is appreciated.

Yeah, man, anytime.

So… what d’you do nowadays? How’s life as Tsugaru?


I suppose it was but I do not really care, it is the truth; yes?

I suppose I am simply used to such an uneventful life, it is my preference.

Wouldn’t you care for something more, yanno, exciting?

You’re pretty athletic… ever thought of working for the ZCIS?


An almost annoyed whine slips through now bloody lips as his movement is severely restricted by Psy’s grip on his waist, vermilion hues darting over to the blond for barely a second before he’s focused on the tv once more, thumbs attacking the controller violently in an attempt to hurry this “mission” up. In all honesty he really wanted to return his partner’s affections but not until he managed to beat. This. Mission. A deep growl emits from the gunslinger’s throat as he leans forward, straining in Psy’s grip.


The feral growl catches his attention, eyebrows quirking upwards in amusement. Really? Did this little snot really just do that? Lips curl back, exposing pearly whites with a small grin. He nipped the pale, and honest to god, beautiful, nape of the petite brunet, whining against the warm skin. “Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, c’moooooon,” Psy nudged, intent on bugging the poor guy, “Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.” 

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The same as always you know—nothing new.

Boring as most would say, I suppose.

That can’t be helped, though, can it? Living such a peaceful life as yours would be boring for anyone.

A-Ah, wait! That was rude of me, wasn’t it?


Hello, Psy. You are looking well.

You could say that, yeah. And yourself? How are you feeling? It’s been awhile.



Hey, Tsu.


A shiver courses through the thin male’s body—suddenly, yet only vaguely, aware of Psy’s breath along his skin as his attention is pulled away from his game. A soft grunt escapes him to acknowledge Psy’s presence. Sharp tiers dig into Virus’ lower lip as his body moves as though physical movements would aid his game experience. Vermilion optics are locked on the screen, explosions and gunshots echoing through the tv as the brunet leans in towards the screen. All reflexes as adrenaline pumps through his body at just the game. Of course this was all just overstimulation, adrenaline wouldn’t normally be pumping through the brunet’s veins during a game—however this was more of a…venting activity than his usual game play. 

Nope, not even Psy could distract his concentration now!

Slightly hazed eyes narrow slightly at the other’s grunt. Was he being ignored? Then again, he thought, hues flickering to the screen once more and raising a bit to glance at the top-right of it, Virus seemed to be doing really well on this particular game for once. Usually he did horribly on this one. So horribly, it was kinda pathetic, really. Sometimes the poor guy would get so upset, he’d be a sniveling mess behind the couch or in the bathtub. 

But still. Psy was being ignored and he wasn’t sure if he liked that. “Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,” he whined, arms tightening around the brunet. 

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The blond yawned against his lover’s nape, muttered curses escaping the smaller male, posed thumbs clumsily mauling his poor x-box controller’s dials. Psy swore he could hear the little knobs crying out, wishing to be freed from Virus’s wrath, however, he remained silent, harlequin hues flitting to the blinking television screen. He blinked lazily, eyes attempting to refocus on his blurry surroundings, chin resting on Vi’s shoulder and his arms looped loosely around his hips. He must’ve fallen asleep while the brunet was playing videogames. Eyes fluttering closed again, he rested his cheek against his boyfriend’s shoulder, nuzzling his warm sweater.




vi’s so kawaii i’m literally going to cry


that’s not what you said last night

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vi’s so kawaii i’m literally going to cry